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At Mejias Lindsay PLLC, our lawyers address each client with respect and a genuine desire to help. We listen to our clients, carefully analyze their situations, and develop unique strategies to resolve their legal issues and protect their best interests. When you need a winning team, turn to Mejias Lindsay PLLC.

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Why choose Mejias Lindsay PLLC?

Carlos Dantes Mejias and David Lindsay spent years working for large law firms. After gaining valuable experience, they opened Mejias Lindsay PLLC to help Texas residents. If you are a victim of an 18-wheeler accident, in need of a small business attorney, or facing discrimination at work, contact the lawyers at Mejias Lindsay PLLC.

Mejias Lindsay PLLC is known for our:

  • Dedication to Our Clients
  • History of Successful Outcomes
  • Access to Lawyers
  • Bilingual Staff

Carlos Dantes Mejias

As a founding partner of Mejias Lindsay PLLC, Carlos brings to the firm the drive to help clients obtain successful resolutions to their legal problems. Clients have come to depend on Carlos’s aggressive representation when handling legal issues.

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David Lindsay

As a founding member and partner of Mejias Lindsay PLLC, David Lindsay brings to the firm a passion for helping those harmed by negligent parties. Clients know they can rely on David’s tenacity and excellent preparation to achieve favorable resolutions.

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