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The federal government has set strict guidelines for how employers are required to compensate employees. While these regulations are helpful for employees, the laws regarding employee pay can be complex. Many employers violate federal regulations without even realizing it, but this is no excuse for not properly compensating employees. If you believe your employer is violating wage and hour laws, you need an experienced employment litigation lawyer to help you recover the money you’ve worked hard for.

Wage and Hour Laws

The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) was signed into law in 1938 and has protected workers’ rights ever since. The FLSA established the 40-hour work week, and the number of amendments since its initial approval continue to improve workers’ rights.

The FLSA not only established a 40-hour work week, it also (1) mandated workers be paid at least a minimum wage established by the federal government or by state laws and (2) requires employers to pay employees time and a half for all overtime hours. The FLSA also protects workers from pay discrimination.

FLSA Violations

Some employees are exempt from FLSA guidelines. For example, salaried employees are often exempt from receiving overtime pay. However, in order for an employee to be considered exempt, he or she must meet certain administrative, supervisory, or management criteria. Unfortunately, in an attempt to mitigate costs, some employers purposefully misclassify workers as exempt to avoid paying them the overtime they have earned.

In addition to violating regulations regarding exemptions, other examples of wage and hour violations include:
  • Failure to pay earned wages
  • Failure to pay minimum wage
  • Forcing employees to work through breaks
  • Using a tip pool to pay non-tip employees
  • Failure to properly compensate for time
  • Failure to pay commission
  • Forcing employees to work “off the clock”

When employers fail to properly compensate employees, it isn’t just wrong, it’s also illegal. Employers who violate the FLSA will not only pay hefty fines, but they could also face criminal action from the government. In addition to federal actions, employees who have suffered from FLSA violations can also seek compensation by filing a lawsuit.

Houston Wage and Hour Attorneys

You deserve to receive rightful pay under federal and Texas law. If your Houston employer is violating wage and hour laws, call the experienced employment litigation attorneys at Mejias Lindsay PLLC today. Our lawyers can help you submit a claim to get your rightful earnings. Contact us today to schedule a consultation to discuss your case.

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