Healthcare Law

The healthcare industry is one of the most profitable, but complex industries. A single healthcare company requires hundreds of moving parts to provide care to patients. From government regulations to employment issues, any healthcare company can quickly be brought to a screeching halt when faced with a legal issue.

At Mejias Lindsay PLLC, our lawyers understand the complexities and intricacies of the healthcare industry and its regulations. We can provide healthcare companies with help in a variety of matters, both to prevent and avoid legal issues and to provide representation for legal matters currently underway.

Compliance Programs

The healthcare industry is arguably one of the most heavily regulated industries in the United States. For healthcare companies, this means that even executing the most minor business actions will require the help of an experienced attorney to ensure compliance.

HR & Employment

The healthcare industry has many unique challenges regarding human resources and employment. Labor and employment issues can distract businesses and employees from providing the standard of care necessary in the healthcare industry, so when any healthcare company faces these types of legal issues, they will need assistance to resolve them quickly and efficiently.

Qui Tam Defense

Accusations of fraud in the healthcare industry are incredibly serious and will require an experienced healthcare legal team to protect executives, employees, and entire companies.

General Counseling for Hospice and Home Health

Hospice and home health companies face unique legal and regulatory challenges. By engaging the help of an experienced attorney from the beginning, companies can ensure their business is protected from costly mistakes.

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