Qui Tam Defense

Accusations of fraud in the healthcare industry are incredibly serious and require an experienced healthcare legal team to protect executives, employees, and entire companies. Mejias Lindsay PLLC can help with fraud allegations regarding regulatory compliance, corporate structuring, Medicare, fraudulent billing, and any other type of allegation.

Qui Tam Lawsuits

Under the False Claims Act, individuals who help the federal government recover damages from companies committing fraud can be rewarded with part of the recovered damages. These lawsuits, called qui tam lawsuits or whistleblower lawsuits, incentivize employees with firsthand knowledge of fraud committed by their employer to work with law enforcement to put a stop to the fraud and hold the company accountable.

Types of Fraud Healthcare Companies Can Face

Although there are many types of fraud, several are unique to the healthcare industry. Types of healthcare fraud can include:

  • Violation of the Anti-Kickback Statute – The federal Anti-Kickback Statute makes it a criminal offense for an individual or company to offer anything of value in an effort to obtain patient referrals.
  • Violation of Stark Law –The Stark Law makes it illegal for a doctor to refer a patient to a healthcare service entity in which the doctor or a member of the doctor’s immediate family has an ownership or investment. This law prevents self-referrals, but has some exceptions.
  • Violation of the False Claims Act –Under the False Claims Act, it is illegal to submit a claim to a federal healthcare program like Medicare or Medicaid. If you are suspected of submitting false claims, the federal government may investigate your billing practices.
  • Prescription Fraud –The federal government may investigate doctors and healthcare centers that prescribe an unusually high number of certain medications. Prescribing a patient medication he or she does not need can lead to criminal charges and fines.
  • Billing Fraud –One of the most common types of fraud healthcare companies face is billing fraud, which occurs when a healthcare company upcharges patients, charges for services that were not provided, bills for services provided to patients who do not exist, or bills for services that are not medically necessary.

Houston Qui Tam Defense Lawyers

Houston has one of the best medical centers in the world; however, this also means government agencies look at Houston healthcare companies with more scrutiny. If you are facing a qui tam lawsuit, Mejias Lindsay PLLC can help. Contact us immediately to schedule a consultation.

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