At Mejias Lindsay PLLC, our lawyers address each client with respect and a genuine desire to help.

We listen to our clients, carefully analyze their situations, and develop unique strategies to resolve their legal issues and protect their best interests. When you need a winning team, turn to Mejias Lindsay PLLC.

Personal Injury Litigation

When someone is involved in an accident, it can seem like his or her entire life comes to a screeching halt. Things like car accidents or workplace accidents can not only cause life-threatening injuries, but can also leave victims with costly medical bills. Because many accidents can leave a victim out of work, they suffer losing income when they need it the most. If the victim was the breadwinner of the family, the stress of not knowing how to provide for loved ones can be completely debilitating.

We understand the physical, emotional, and mental damage an accident can cause someone and their family. When we work with victims of accidents, we make sure our clients get every bit of compensation they need to recover. When you work with us, you get peace of mind knowing the entire firm is working for you and your family.

Business Law

Businesses are complex organizations, and the laws that regulate them are even more complicated. When a business or employee is dealing with a business law issue, trying to resolve the issue without the help of an experienced business law attorney will be nearly impossible. Because not everyone operates in good faith, hiring a lawyer to protect your assets and best interests is the only way to resolve business law issues successfully.

Our lawyers aggressively represent every client. Whether we are drafting or reviewing contracts or pursuing wage and hour violations, we put our clients first. If you have a business law issue, do not hesitate to call Mejias Lindsay PLLC. Our attorneys can answer your questions and put your mind at ease by putting our experienced business law attorneys to work for you.

The Houston lawyers at Mejias Lindsay PLLC offer free, no obligation consultations. If you have a legal issue, contact us today to schedule a consultation.


Carlos Dantes Mejias

As a founding partner of Mejias Lindsay PLLC, Carlos brings to the firm the drive to help clients obtain successful resolutions to their legal problems. Clients have come to depend on Carlos’s aggressive representation when handling legal issues.

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David Lindsay

As a founding member and partner of Mejias Lindsay PLLC, David Lindsay brings to the firm a passion for helping those harmed by negligent parties. Clients know they can rely on David’s tenacity and excellent preparation to achieve favorable resolutions.

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Mark Ritchie

Mark Ritchie joined Mejias Lindsay PLLC in June 2017, bringing with him a unique combination of strengths and experience. As both a seasoned advocate and skilled writer, Mark takes great satisfaction from helping clients navigate even the most complicated legal issues.

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